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The Discovery

About 20 years ago, mining engineer Jim Humble was in the jungles of Guyana prospecting for gold. All the members of his party came down with malaria and were three days from the nearest medical help.

In desperation, Jim gave everyone a concentrated dose of some water treatment drops, and the next day all the men woke up completely healed!

Since then, Mr. Humble has traveled throughout Africa and other countries and has safely treated thousands for malaria and other deadly diseases.

"He calls it MMS, “Miracle Mineral Solution”

A Threat to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Until now, no treatment for malaria has been as safe, effective and inexpensive as MMS. This discovery is a threat to the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, so corrupt health officials around the world are trying to keep this amazing discovery from their citizens. There are even dishonest people claiming MMS to be a dangerous poison despite the fact that world-wide millions of people have safely taken MMS the last 20 years.

Can’t be Patented

Chlorine dioxide (MMS) has been used for over 100 years to treat municipal drinking water. It is used to disinfect meat in packing plants and as a general disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide water treatment kits are commonly sold in stores to campers and others needing safe drinking water away from home.

It has been in use so long it cannot be patented. This is why no drug company will sell it, and why they want the FDA to ban its use. MMS is a safe, effective and very inexpensive treatment for malaria and other diseases, yet government officials taking bribes from drug companies are trying to keep it from the people!

Thomas Hesselink Medical Doctor

The world’s foremost expert on how MMS works is Dr. Hesselink. Chlorine dioxide (MMS) is a powerful oxidizer of all harmful pathogens, yet is completely harmless to healthy cells. The only side effects may be nausea and diarrhea, which quickly subsides once all harmful pathogens have been flushed from the body.

Interview with Dr. Hesselink and Dr. Busse

Ugandan Red Cross treats malaria

A local nurse mixing the two liquids to make MMS. It takes a minute for the two chemicals to activate.

Mother giving treatment to her child. Every year over 6 million people die of malaria, with children being the most susceptible.
Many millions more needlessly suffer!

400 Children were treated for malaria at this school in Sierra Leone in two hours. The Treatment is safe, fast and very inexpensive. Over 5,000 people were treated in Sierra Leone in just one week. Thousands more were treated in Uganda Ethiopia.

500 nurses and other medical staff listen as Jim Humble gives instructions how to mix the two solutions making MMS. Jim Humble has treated over 75,000 people for malaria, AIDS, Tuberculosis and many other diseases.

Dr. Susan Busse and John Peterson with local officials outside the US Embassy in Sierra Leone. These medical missionaries have treated thousands for malaria in Africa and Haiti.

Dr. Hesselink MD and Dr. Susan Busse MD verify results with lab assistant John Peterson.Usually only one does may be required if th the patient recently ate a large protein meal.

Malaria Protocol for Adult

Mix 15 drops from bottle “A” with 15 drops from bottle “B” in a clean, dry glass. Wait about 1 minute, and fill the glass with clean water. The size of the glass and the amount of water does not matter.

Add approximately ½ gram of baking soda after filling the glass with water. This will neutralize the chlorine taste.

Malaria symptoms usually subside in about four hours, with total health restored by the next morning.

Possible Side Effects

Mild nausea and loose stool or diarrhea. This will gradually go away as harmful pathogens die off.

Use malaria protocol to also treat:

  • Dengue fever
  • Yellow fever
  • West Nile
  • Chickanya
  • Dysentary/Cholera
  • Typhoid fever/Typhus

And many other Diseases!

15 drops for an adult

10 drops for a child

3 drops for a baby

Add approximately 1-gram of baking soda after filling bottle with water. This neutralizes the chlorine taste.

1-liter bottle must be clean and dry inside.


Use a clean, dry, 1-liter bottle and mark 7 lines (8 doses).

Add 24 drops from bottle “A” and 24 drops from bottle “B” to the bottom of the empty bottle. Mix the drops together for about 1 minute. Then fill the bottle with clean water.

Add about 1 gram of baking soda in the full bottle.

Every day for the next 3 weeks, drink a portion of the liquid every hour, 8 doses per day. You want to keep the MMS in your system all day long.

Possible Side Effects

Mild nausea and lose stool or diarrhea. This will gradually go away as harmful pathogens die off.

Jim Humble has successfully treated over 800 people in Africa for HIV-AIDS!

A snake

Poison Snake Bite

Use HIV protocol until symptoms subside. Seek medical attention quickly as possible.


Infected Wounds

Use HIV protocol to mix solution. Soak or spray infected area often.

A Parasite

Intestinal Parasites

Use HIV protocol for 1-2 weeks. Kills parasite eggs. Adult parasites are driven-out via bowels.

Follow HIV protocol to also treat:

  • Ebola
  • Hepatitis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Lyme disease

Can I purchase this product on this web site?

This web site is for information only, and by law cannot sell products or recommend any brand.

Chemicals can be toxic, is this product safe?

When you mix sodium chlorite and citric acid, it makes chlorine dioxide, a very safe and healthy chemical used world-wide to treat drinking water. Chlorine dioxide only kills harmful pathogens, never healthy living cells. Chlorine dioxide breaks down in the body into common salt (sodium chloride).

Can I take a concentrated dose (15 drops) to treat my disease if I am pregnant?

This product is very safe, even for pregnant women, but you may want to start with a smaller dose of 5 drops, then another dose of 10 drops 4 hours later, and 15 drops the next day.

It smells like chlorine bleach. Is it chlorine bleach?

No, chlorine dioxide is not chlorine bleach, it only smells like it. Chlorine dioxide is used around the world to treat city drinking water because it’s better and much safer than chlorine bleach.

Why do I add baking soda to the mixture before drinking it?

The baking soda removes the chlorine taste and smell.

I took the recommended dose for malaria but I still feel sick.

Take a second dose the next day. It is more effective when taken on an empty stomach.

I was bitten by a mosquito, but I don’t feel sick. Can I take the product if I am not sick?

If you have been bitten by a mosquito and you do not feel sick yet, you may take this product as a precaution. Thousands of people around the world take small amounts to help prevent disease and remove parasites. See: HIV protocol.

I accidentally mixed more drops from one bottle, is this OK?

One or two extra drops from a bottle is OK. The reaction of the two chemicals to produce chlorine dioxide will still occur.

Zika Virus

I am pregnant, will this help prevent the Zika virus? Will it kill Zika in the womb?

It will only kill the virus once you have it, not prevent it. If you live in an area with Zika, take a small dose (5 drops) once per week. Take 10-15 drops if you suspect you have the virus. This should kill the virus in the womb as well.

Can I give this to my baby?

Yes, but no more than 3 drops at a time. Wait two hours after breast feeding, because the protein in milk reduces the effectiveness.

I have diarrhea after taking this, is that normal?

Diarrhea or lose stool is a common reaction. As harmful pathogens are killed, the body needs to flush them out and the result can lead to lose stool or diarrhea. This will end in a few days.

Note: Chlorine dioxide does NOT kill beneficial bacteria in the body, only harmful bacteria.

Can this product remove toxic chemicals from the body?

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful oxidizer that breaks down many harmful chemicals and heavy metals into harmless substances. It does this in drinking water and in the body when taken regularly. It also helps remove organic matter (dissolved particles) from surface water.